Spring Garden Tips
Managing Leaves

Recyle leave right where they fall... your mower makes the best shredder available for fall leaves.

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Put away the rake and break out the mower. That’s right you can recycle your leaves right where they fall. Use your mower to shred the leaves. As long as you can see the grass for the leaf pieces you’ll be fine.

More leaves than you can handle? Or maybe you want to use them to improve your garden. Your mower makes the best shredder available. I simply attach my bagger to collect the shredded leaves and spread them over the soil surface around trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Managing Fall LeavesStill more leaves –then dig them into vacant areas in the garden. The leaves break down over winter improving the soil for next season.

Once you discover the value of this natural resource you may find your self collecting leaves from friends and neighbors. Stash them behind your foundation plantings or under evergreens for safe keeping and use in next year’s garden.

A bit more information: All disease free leaves can be recycled in the garden as mulch, compost or a soil amendment. This includes oak and maple leaves and evergreen needles. These tougher needles and leaves break down slowly but will eventually make great compost. Shred them with your mower or leaf shredder to speed up decomposition. This also improves their appearance and makes it easier to spread them as mulch in the garden. And don’t worry about soil acidity. The impact on pH is short lived and minimal.


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