Spring Garden Tips
Visit a Public Garden

Give the whole family a breath of fresh air with a visit to a nearby public garden or nature center. A walk “on the green side” can reduce stress, build family bonds and burn calories. And as you stroll you can gather ideas for your own landscape and garden. Take pictures or make a sketch of plant combinations or designs you like. Bring disposable cameras or crayons and paper to get the whole family involved. Ask family members what plants they like the best and why. Then consider including some of these in your gardens and containers next season. The more involved your family is in the planning process the more likely they are to help with the planting and care.



Related Green Tips

Adding Houseplants

Improve your indoor air quality by adding a few houseplants to your interior decor.


Every Drop Counts

Don't throw your dehumidifier water down the drain.  Use it to water houseplants or outdoor containers.


Starting From Seed

Starting plants from seeds indoors is a great way to extend the season.


What to do with Plastic Pots

Each year we add new plants to the landscape and that means the plastic pots are piling up.