Spring Garden Tips
Integrate Your Patio into the Garden with Simple Plantings

Bring the Garden Up to Your Patio or Deck

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Create an inviting space you and your guests can’t resist by bringing your garden right up to the patio or deck.

Bring a simple patio to life with the help of plants. Containers add splashes of color and smaller pots make the perfect centerpiece for the table.

Surround the patio with a garden to create an outdoor living space. Ornamental grasses add motion and texture and a mix of perennials insures season long bloom.

surround your patio with a gardenInclude plants like yarrow and geraniums that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Avoid plants that drop leaves, petals and debris on the patio.

Add a stone edge or similar material to keep the soil in the garden and off the patio.

And don’t forget the views beyond your sitting area. Strategically placed plantings help provide privacy and add beauty from every vantage point. The roadside garden blocks the view and noise from the street and the raised garden in back provides privacy from the neighbors.

A bit more information: See-through plants and screens create a sense of privacy yet maintain the feeling of space on your patio, deck or balcony. The translucent flowers of tall purple moor grass (Molina) form a sheer screen between the patio and surrounding landscape. Use a vine covered lattice for a colorful living screen. Or espalier a small ornamental tree on a trellis to add a bit of year round beauty to your outdoor living space.


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