Spring Garden Tips
From Trash to Treasures

Recycled Items in the Garden

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A trip to the attic, antique store or a weekend garage sale may uncover the perfect accent for your garden.

Use an old wagon to elevate containers creating a colorful focal point in a perennial garden.

Old bird cages filled with flowers and vines are sure to make visitors stop and take a second look. Include the stand and they can also provide a vertical accent for the large container keeping the planting in scale with the pot.

trash to treasuresAnd old chairs don’t need to head to the dump. A wicker chair can hold a pot of morning glories. Soon it will be filled with beautiful blue blooms.

And don’t worry if the seat is missing. Chairs provide the perfect base for containers. Use them in the garden to raise the colorful blooms above surrounding plants. Or, at your front entrance for a bit of color and variety.

An old table and container can provide a focal point for an arbor and small garden room.

And a leaky watering can starts a new life as a piece of art.

A bit more information: Recycle wine and other decorative bottles on a bottle tree. This garden art is based on an old African belief that shiny glass attracts and the bottles trap evil spirits. The tradition has been popular in the south for years and bottle trees can now be found throughout the country. Simply place bottles on sticks in the landscape or purchase one of the commercially available bottle tree frames.




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Eco-friendly Control of Aphids in the Garden

Ants, lady beetles and a clear sticky substance on your leaves are good indications that aphids have moved into your garden for a meal.


Eco-friendly Lawn Care

You can have a lawn and still be kind to the environment.

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Eco-friendly Mosquito Control

Don’t let mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying your garden this summer. A fan and a bit of outdoor housekeeping will help you manage these pests.

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Eco-friendly Spider Mite Control

Hot dry weather is hard on you and your plants but great for many pests.


Eco-friendly Whitefly Control

When fall arrives I can’t seem to resist taking a few plants in for winter. Unfortunately, a few whiteflies often try to hitch a ride in with the plants.

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Evergreen Trough Garden

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Garden Pests - Managing Japanese Beetles

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Green Roof Bird Feeder

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Managing Leaves

Recyle leave right where they fall... your mower makes the best shredder available for fall leaves.

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Managing Powdery Mildew

Tips for dealing with the fungal disease powdery mildew.

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Recyclables Find New Life in the Garden

Plastic and Glass Containers Crafted into Useful Garden Tools

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Selecting Rain Barrels

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Waterwise Gardening Tips

No matter where you live, being a waterwise gardener makes environmental and economic sense. And it’s really easier than you think.