Spring Garden Tips
Rain Barrel Installation

Steps to Installing a Rain Barrel

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Put rainwater to work in your landscape and be kind to the environment – install a rain barrel.

You can purchase one or create your own from a recycled food containers.

Installing Rain Barrels

In this case we had to disconnect from the storm sewer. The homeowner gained permission from their municipality before we started. Once disconnected, we simply cap it off to keep water and small animals out.

Use blocks to elevate the rain barrel and increase water pressure when emptying the barrel. Position the rain barrel next to the downspout, line up the connectors and mark where the cut needs to be made.

Use a hacksaw to cut through the downspout and connect the flexible elbow to direct the water into the barrel.

Finally, attach an overflow hose to direct excess water away from the foundation of your house.

A bit more information: Let your rain barrel and gravity do the work when watering your garden. Use a soaker hose to slowly provide water to the soil surfaced where it is needed. Use a short stretch of hose attached to the rain barrel’s spigot to run water from the rain barrel to the soaker hose. Lay the soaker hose on the soil surface weaving it throughout the garden. Simply open up the spigot and go on about your business. Let gravity move the water slowly from the rain barrel, through the soaker hose and right to the soil where it is needed.