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Water Wise

Water Wise Gardening

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Use water wisely in your landscape to save you time, improve plant health and reduce your water bill.

Water when the top few inches of soil are crumbly and slightly moist. Then thoroughly moisten the top 6 inches of soil. Apply an inch of water for clay soil and a half an inch to thoroughly moisten sandy soils. Use a straight sided can to measure the water applied. Make note of pressure and time used so you know what to do next time.

Water Wise gardeningWater in the morning whenever possible. Less water will be lost to evaporation and you reduce the risk of disease caused by wet foliage at night.

Use less water by applying it right to the soil. Try hand watering with a watering wand or apply the water slowly using a gallon jug with holes in the bottom.

Or use a soaker hose in the garden. The water slowly seeps out of the tiny holes in the hose applying water right at the soil surface.

A bit more information: Further reduce watering needs by growing drought tolerant plants suited to your region. Yarrow, penstemon, yucca, prickly pear cactus, hens-and-chicks, moss rose, most ornamental grasses, catmint, giant hyssop, California poppy, Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus), cockscomb, zinnia and sunflowers are just a few drought tolerant garden favorites. Consider adding a few drought tolerant natives. Those native to your region and droughty environments are suited to the often harsh conditions that exist in modern landscapes. Look for natives that are hardy to your region, suited to the soil and complement your existing landscape design.



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Waterwise Gardening Tips

No matter where you live, being a waterwise gardener makes environmental and economic sense. And it’s really easier than you think.