Spring Garden Tips
Caring for Fresh Flowers

Enjoying the Garden Indoors

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Bring a bit of your garden’s beauty indoors for all to enjoy. Fresh cut flowers right from the garden make everyday a special occasion. Here are some tips to help you extend the beauty of your flowers and your enjoyment.

Take a bucket of water to the garden when picking to keep flowers fresh and hydrated while you harvest the rest of your bouquet.Remove the lower leaves before arranging. Submerged leaves can lead to fungal growth and reduce vase life. Recut the stem on a slight angle that prevents it from sitting square on the bottom of the vase preventing the uptake of water.Place the flowers in fresh water in a clean vase. Replace the water every few days to keep the flowers fresh and the water clear.

Caring for Cut FlowersYou can add floral preservatives to the water or make your own. Many gardeners add clear sugary soda and a drop of bleach to the water to keep the flowers looking good.

Just a bit more information: Revive drooping cut roses with this simple technique I learned from the Professional Florists. Remove the stems from the vase. Recut the bottom stem, lay the rose, flower and all, in a sink or container filled with warm water. Leave it there for about 30 minutes. You will be amazed when you lift the revived rose out of the water. Place it back in the vase filled with fresh water and enjoy your now perky bloom for several more days.


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