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Welcome to my kids gardening section designed to help children, students and young gardeners get excited about gardening through various activities and projects. I’ll be adding new gardening activities regularly, so be sure to check back frequently to download information for projects like worm composting, growing gardeners kits, creating a wattle fence and much more. I can’t wait to help you grow young gardeners!

Bean Teepee

bean_teepee_picCreate a teepee of stakes covered with pole beans. Use the teepee to shade leaf lettuce planted below or better yet let the kids use the space for their summer hideout. You might even find them munching on a few of the green beans.

Download Bean Teepee Directions...

Sunflower Fort

sunflower_fort_iconPut your creativity to work and get your favorite youngster excited about gardening. Create a colorful play zone for your children, grandchildren or neighborhood kids to share your gardening passion.

Download Sunflower Fort Directions...

Grow Your Own Grass Head People

grass_headGrow your own grass head. Place a couple tablespoons of grass seed in the toe of an old nylon stocking. Cover with soil and add enough to form the head. Tie off and decorate.

Download Grass Head Directions......

Homemade Dried/Silk Flower Vase

origami_potCreate a colorful vase filled with dried flowers for your mom, grandmother or aunt. This fun project allows kids of all ages to create a piece of art for mom to enjoy. You might need to help younger children with the cutting but they should be able to handle the rest on their own.

Download directions to create your homemade vase - pdf version...

Download directions to create your homemade vase - MS Word document...

Origami Seed Starter Pots

origami_potHere is a fun eco-friendly activity for you, your family, students, and gardeners of all ages to try. Convert old newspapers into containers for starting plants from seeds. You can save money, be kind to the environment and use your crafting skills.

Download Origami Seed Starter Pots Directions...

Create Your Own Terrarium

terrariumTerrariums are small gardens under glass. Gardeners have long been using glass containers to grow their favorite ferns, carnivorous plants like Venus fly trap, woodland favorites, moss and more. You can create your own garden under “plastic” by recycling some of those 2-liter soda bottles headed for the recycling bin.

Download Directions to Create Your Own Terrarium...

Stem Cuttings

stem_cuttingStart new plants using pieces cut from your favorite plant! All you need is a favorite plant, potting mix, a small container and water. Download the Stem Cuttings worksheet to get started!

Download Stem Cuttings Directions...

Wattle Fence

wattle-fenceRecycle your twigs and branches by creating a rustic wattle fence. Use these for screening, fencing, dividers or edging. These woven fences have traditionally been made of hazel and willow, but any pliable branch will do.

Download Wattle Fence Directions...

Worm Composter

worm_composting_kidsTurn off your garbage disposer and use red worms to turn kitchen scraps into compost. Inexpensive homemade worm bins work great indoors in the basement or heated garage for year round composting or composting during the cold winter months.

Download Worm Composter Directions...

Grow Your Own Salad and Micro-greens

micro_green_kidsStart your garden indoors and enjoy a few micro-greens in a week and a home-grown salad in about a month. Download the directions to start your indoor salad garden.

Download Salad and Micro-greens Directions...

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