Spring Garden Tips
Midsummer Landscape Care

Keep your landscape looking its best throughout the remainder of the season.

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Midsummer Garden CareA little of midsummer care can keep your landscape looking its best throughout the remainder of the season.

Cut back fading perennials like bleeding heart. Pop in a new perennial or annual to mask the hole left by this spring bloomer.

Remove or trim back discolored foliage, allowing the flowers to remain the center of attention.

Stake flopping perennials so their flowers are visible for all to see. Use bamboo stakes and ties to keep hollyhocks in clear view. Mark next year’s calendar to remind you to put stakes in place earlier in the season.

A bit more information: Put an end to flopping peonies. Simply cut a piece of bird netting the size of the peony clump. Place it on the ground in spring as the peony stems start to emerge. The stems will grow through and lift the netting as the leaves appear and stems elongate. The netting holds the stems together as they bend and blow in different directions. This type of binding allows movement in the plant while preventing stems from flopping.


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Late winter, after the worst of winter weather has passed through early spring before growth begins, is a great time to prune trees. Make proper cuts to insure the health and longevity of your plants.


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Pruning Young Trees

Start pruning young trees 2 to 4 years after planting to develop a strong framework for future growth and longevity. Strive to maintain the trees natural shape and form for maximum beauty.


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