Spring Garden Tips
Strategies to Keep You Gardening

Enabling Tools and Techniques

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Gardening tools and techniques to keep you gardening

Don’t let a sore back, bad knees, or a bit of arthritis prevent you from gardening.

Select ergonomically designed tools for comfort and to prolong your time in the garden. These light weight pistol grip hand tools allow you to keep your wrist extension straight avoiding fatigue and carpel tunnel.

The unique handle on this leaf rake, the strategically positioned and curved teeth on these rakes extend your reach and gripping power with less effort and body strain.

And check out this shovel. The foot tread provides added space for extra foot power and comfort and the paddle handle with cushion grip adds extra pain free leverage.

Invest in ergonomically designed pruners to increase pruning power with less effort. You’ll be able to spend more time pruning with less pain and fatigue.

This kneeler makes it easier to reach your plant and the extra cushion is good for any gardener’s knees.

Or use containers to bring your garden up to a comfortable working height.

A bit more information: Wall gardens provide easy access, spruce up a drab wall or fence and provide additional gardening space. The 2 X 4 frame is backed with plywood. The center is filled with a well drained potting mix held in place by weed barrier and chicken wire or lattice. Slice planting holes into the fabric and set lettuce, herbs, impatiens or other suitable plants through the fabric and into the potting mix. Use sphagnum moss to hold soil in place if needed. Water through holes drilled in the top section of the frame and at the base of individual plants as needed.


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Cleaning Tools

Care for Your Equipment

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Containers at Home in All Areas of the Landscape

Using Containers to Add Color and Interest Throughout the Landscape

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Deadheading Flowers

Freshening Up the Garden

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Expand Your Garden Space and Planting Options with Container Gardens

Increase growing space, extend the season or expand your planting options with the help of container gardens.

Use elevated gardens, like the Salad Bar Garden, for easy care and harvesting and to keep rabbits at bay.


Fall Container Gardens

Add a splash of color to your fall garden with a few fresh containers.

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Forcing Bulbs

Bulbs in a Pot

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Gardener's Tool Kit; Pruning Tools

Before you head out to the garden to do a bit of pruning, make sure you have the right tool for the job.


Green Wall for Vertical Appeal (Vertical Gardens)

Green walls are all the rage. They green up otherwise unplantable spaces and can even help conserve energy.

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Hiding the Inner Workings of the Garden

Keeping Garden Tools Out of Sight

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Midsummer Landscape Care

Keep your landscape looking its best throughout the remainder of the season.

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Pruning Large Tree Branches

Late winter, after the worst of winter weather has passed through early spring before growth begins, is a great time to prune trees. Make proper cuts to insure the health and longevity of your plants.


Pruning Potentillas, Summer Blooming Spireas and Annabelle Hydrangeas

Keep potentillas, Japanese spireas and Annabelle hydrangeas looking their best with proper pruning.


Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs

Bring your overgrown lilacs (Syringa), Forsythia, and other spring flowering shrubs down to size while maintaining their natural beauty and spring floral display.

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Pruning Young Trees

Start pruning young trees 2 to 4 years after planting to develop a strong framework for future growth and longevity. Strive to maintain the trees natural shape and form for maximum beauty.


Renewal Pruning Overgrown Shrubs

Don't let overgrown, misshapen, poor flowering and unhealthy shrubs ruin the beauty of your landscape. A little careful pruning can turn lackluster shrubs into landscape beauties.


Succulent Container Garden

Create beautiful drought tolerant containers.

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Tabletop Containers

Create a living centerpiece using plants suited to small containers, the growing conditions and of course your décor.

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Uncommon Containers

Unique Homes for Your Container Gardens

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