Spring Garden Tips
Transplanting Houseplants

Stunted growth, roots growing out of the drainage holes and water running right through the pot are just a few clues your houseplant may need a bigger container. And if the pot is filled with roots you know it’s time to make the move.

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transplanting houseplantsSelect a container with drainage holes and only one size bigger than the existing pot. Making the leap to a pot too large can lead to root rot.

Gently loosen or slice through any girdling roots to encourage them to grow into the surrounding soil instead of continuing to encircle the rootball.

Use fresh potting mix and set the plant in the pot so it is growing at the same depth it was before. Water thoroughly to remove any air pockets and adjust your watering schedule as needed.

You can divide some plants like wire vine, that have outgrown their pot. Simply cut it into halves or fourths and place in a pot slightly larger than the roots.

A bit more information: Keep the potting mix in your container while still letting the water drain out the bottom. Place a coffee filter over the bottom of the pot. The paper keeps the potting mix in and allows the water to drain out. The roots will begin to fill the pot and hold the soil in place about the time the paper begins to deteriorate.


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