Spring Garden Tips
Planting Shrubs

Proper Shrub Planting

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Use shrubs in the landscape for extra color, a bit of privacy and year round beauty.

Start with a call to your local utility locating service, three business days before digging. Then dig the hole the same depth as the rootball and 2 to 3 times wider. Roughen up the side to avoid a glazed surface the roots can’t penetrate.

Roll the pot on its side to loosen the roots. Either slide the plant out of the container or cut away the pot. Remove the bottom and set the pot into the hole. Slice through the side of the pot and peel away the container.

Make sure the crown of the plant, that’s the area where the roots meet the stems is even with the soil surface. Fill in the hole with the existing soil and water thoroughly to remove any air pockets.

Mulch the soil with shredded bark, woodchips or other organic matter to conserve moisture and discourage weeds.

Continue to water throughout the season.

Just a bit more information: Many shrubs are grown in soilless potting mixes that dry out faster than the soil in your garden and landscape. This makes watering a bit more challenging. Check the moisture levels of both the rootball and surrounding soil before watering. When the soil is crumbly and slightly moist it is time to water. You may need to water just the rootball if the surrounding soil is still wet. Water thoroughly and often enough to keep the rootball and surrounding soil moist but not too wet.


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