Spring Garden Tips
Growing Vegetables and Fruits

Boost Productivity of Midseason Plantings

Keep the fresh produce coming throughout fall with some midsummer plantings. Look for vacant spaces left in the vegetable garden after harvesting lettuce, spinach and other early maturing crops. Increase the health and productivity of your second planting by preparing the soil before planting seeds and transplants.

Leaf Spot and Scorch on Strawberries

Keep your strawberry patch healthy and productive with proper care and cleanup.

Compact Berry Plants for Containers and Gardens

Raspberry Shortcake, Pink Lemonade and Peach Sorbet are plants, not dishes to enjoy at your next meal. Consider including these and other compact fruit plants in your garden or on the balcony or deck.
Bushel and Berry, formerly branded as Brazelberry, is a collection of ornamental, compact and self-pollinating fruit plants. Perfect for small space and apartment dwellers or those that like to grow one of every plant.

Radishes: History, Nutritional Value and What Makes Them So Hot

As you bite into a crisp spicy radish you are enjoying a vegetable that has been grown around the world for thousands of years.

Growing Basil

Fresh on your pizza, added to your favorite Italian and Southeastern Asian dishes or made into pesto. It is not surprising that basil is often called the King of Herbs.

No Edible Roots on Radishes, Beets and Carrots

All leaves and no edible roots on beets, radishes and carrots is a common complaint of gardeners. Well-drained soil, proper spacing and fertilization are key to growing success.

Growing Fruit Plants in Your Landscape

Improve the flavor of your meals and reduce our national energy use by growing your own fruit.

Yard Long Beans

Amaze your family and friends with yard long beans. These have been a mainstay of East Asia for centuries but many gardeners across North America are now growing this tasty, easy-to-grow snap bean.

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