Spring Garden Tips
Boost Productivity of Midseason Plantings

Keep the fresh produce coming throughout fall with some midsummer plantings. Look for vacant spaces left in the vegetable garden after harvesting lettuce, spinach and other early maturing crops. Increase the health and productivity of your second planting by preparing the soil before planting seeds and transplants.

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Mix an inch of quality compost, like Hsu Growing Supply, into the top 6 inches of soil. You'll improve drainage in heavy soil, increase water retention in fast draining sandy soils and add micronutrients that feed the soil-building microorganisms. Add a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer, like Milorganite, at the same time.

070717 Boost Productivity of Midseason PlantingsOnce your seeds and transplants are in the ground be sure to water properly. Keep the seedbed and roots of transplants moist for the first few weeks. Gradually reduce watering frequency as seedlings sprout and grow and transplants become established.

A bit more information: Most plants need about an inch of water each week. Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are crumbly and slightly moist. Adjust your watering schedule based upon your weekly rainfall, soil type and air temperatures. Keep weeding and tending your garden throughout the remainder of the growing season. You'll keep your plants healthy and reduce weed and pest problems this year and next.


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