Spring Garden Tips
Leaf Spot and Scorch on Strawberries

Keep your strawberry patch healthy and productive with proper care and cleanup.

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Fungal leaf spot and scorch cause brown spots on the leaves of strawberries. Severe infestations can weaken the plants, reduce productivity and in some cases, kill the plants.

071017 Leaf Spot and Scorch on StrawberriesReduce the risk of leaf spot, scorch and other diseases by renewing strawberry plantings every few years. Grow plants in well-drained soil. Give them plenty of space to reach their mature size. And keep removing weeds throughout the season. The extra room increases airflow and light penetration so plants dry quickly, reducing the risk of disease. Purchase disease-resistant varieties suited to your climate.

If you decide to use a fungicide, look for one of the more ecofriendly products labeled for controlling these diseases on strawberries. Be sure to read and follow all label directions carefully.

A bit more information: Keeping your plants healthy is the best way to reduce the risk of this and other diseases. Select varieties like Tristar, Tribute and others that are resistant to or tolerant of these and other common strawberry diseases.


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