Spring Garden Tips
Caring for and Reblooming African Violets

Brighten up your winter with an African violet.

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This long time favorite is relatively easy to grow but can be challenging to rebloom. Grow African violets in bright light and moist well-drained soil. Water thoroughly and often enough to keep the soil slightly moist. Their fuzzy leaves are sensitive to cold water so use room temperature water or water the plants from below.

Use an African violet or other indoor flowering plant fertilizer spring through fall when the plants are actively growing. Scrape off any white crusty substance that may form on the lip of the container. This is a salt buildup that can damage your plant.

Many African violet growers use artificial lights to supplement natural light and encourage the plants to flower. Natural light, a grow light or mix of warm and cool fluorescent lights will provide the full spectrum of light needed for flowering.

A bit more information: Prevent or eliminate salt build up with regular leaching of the soil. Water the plant thoroughly with warm water several times at 20 minute intervals. Repeat every few months or as needed to leach the salts out of the soil.