Spring Garden Tips
Give Houseplants a Bit of TLC this Summer

Even your houseplants need a bit of protection from the heat, air conditioning and intense sunlight of summer.

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The longer days and more intense summer sun streaming through your windows can scorch some houseplants. Watch for brown leaf edges and stunted growth. Close shears, adjust blinds or move plants away from harsh sunlight as needed.

mgm audio 072915 houseplant tlcKeep houseplants away from air conditioning vents. The cold drafts can cause damage.

Protect plants summering outdoors from strong winds and harsh sunlight that can dry the leaves and soil more rapidly. Move plants to a sheltered, more shaded location if possible.

Adjust your watering regime to meet the change of growing conditions during summer. Plants summering outdoors or growing in more intense sunlight indoors or out will need more frequent watering. Plants growing in cooler air-conditioned homes may need less.

A bit more information: Be careful when transporting houseplants in the summer. Provide shade for the plants when traveling in the car. And avoid leaving plants in a hot car with the windows closed. The heat can damage, even kill these plants.