Spring Garden Tips
How to Grow and Propagate Papyrus (Umbrella Plant) Indoors

It grows in water or soil, indoors or out. The Papyrus (Cyperus) is a versatile plant that is easy to grow and fun to propagate.

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mgm audio 020415 papyrusThe Papyrus has long leafless stems topped by a cluster of fine leafy bracts that resemble an umbrella. Heights vary from 18 inches to 4 feet or more.

Grow papyrus indoors in a bright location and a container filled with a quality potting mix. Keep the soil moist or set the pot in a shallow dish filled with water.

Start new plants from the tip of the stem. Cut off the top few inches of the stem and place it upside down in a glass of water or well drained potting mix. The leafy stem tip will be in the water or potting mix while the leafless stem points upward toward the ceiling.

Roots and new shoots will form over the next few weeks. Soon you will have a new plant to share or add to your indoor garden.

A bit more information: There are over 500 related species and most of the Papyrus (Cyperus) plants are native to marshes, ponds and streams. The paper plant is Cyperus papyrus. The stems of this papyrus were and are still used to make paper in the Middle East.