Spring Garden Tips
Low Maintenance ZZ Indoor Plant

Looking for an easy to grow houseplant? Try the low maintenance uniquely shaped ZZ plant.

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mgm audio 010814 zz plantYou may have seen this indoor beauty in the mall, office buildings, garden center or friends' homes. This easy-care plant is also known as zulu, fat boy and eternity plant. An East African native it has adapted to periods of rain and drought making it a great houseplant. It prefers bright light but will tolerate low light and dry soil. Avoid overwatering that can lead to root rot.

The fleshy rhizomes store water and nutrients helping the plant survive difficult times. Dig and separate the rhizomes to start new plants. Avoid damaging the rhizome as it can lead to root rot. Patient gardeners can try starting new plants from a single leaf. Remove a leaf, stick the cut end into a well-drained potting mix. Keep the soil moist and wait for several months for a new rhizome and eventually a new plant to form.

A bit more information: You can find more information about this adaptable plant using its botanical name Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It is hardy outdoors in zones 9 and warmer. This evergreen plant can eventually grow 3 feet tall and wide.