Spring Garden Tips
Sitting Areas in the Garden

Stop and take a moment to sit, relax, and enjoy your garden. And while you do so, look for new areas to create more such spaces.

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sitting areas in the gardenPatios and decks situated right next to the house make it easy to stop and take a break. Look for areas where you can enjoy the morning sun or find shelter from the afternoon’s heat. And consider adding a water feature for added enjoyment.

A remote patio can provide more of an escape from your household chores or a better vantage point for viewing the garden. Repeat design elements to tie your patio to your home.

But don’t limit yourself to just formal settings. Look for opportunities within the garden.

Use evergreens and other plantings to block traffic noise and create a cozy sitting area. Add some perennials for added color and seasonal interest.

A single bench perched on the edge of a garden makes a nice place to take a break from weeding and enjoy your handiwork.

A bit more information: Gardeners know that gardening is good for the mind, body, and spirit. And the research agrees. Scientists have found plants lower blood pressure, reduce stress and feelings of fear, anger, and aggression. And recent driving studies found drivers who view nature prior to stressful situations were less likely to suffer road rage.


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Attracting Birds and Butterflies to the Garden

Add a little extra color, motion and interest to your landscape by attracting birds and butterflies to the garden. Make sure your yard provides all the essentials - food, water, shelter and a place to raise young. And be sure to avoid the use of pesticides that can harm the wildlife you are trying to attract.

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Create a Bit of Curb Appeal

The best of our landscapes are often hidden behind our homes for only our family and friends to enjoy. But consider sharing a bit of your green thumb talents with passersby.

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Create an Exotic Garden in Your Favorite Container

Bring a bit of the desert, tropics or evergreen forest to your backyard. Container plantings allow you to push the limits of your growing environment.

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Ketchup 'n Fries Tomato-Potato Plant for the Garden

Grow your own 'Ketchup 'n Fries' this season. This tomato grafted onto a potato plant is sure to be a hit in your garden.


Plan a Bit of Fragrance in Your Garden

Ahhh the sweet smell of lilacs generate fond memories for many of us. Be sure to grow a few new memories in your garden this year.

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