Spring Garden Tips
Fraser Fir, the Number One Selling Christmas Tree

Each year more than 25 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United States. Every buyer seems to have their favorite, but overall the Fraser fir is the best-selling evergreen for the Christmas season.

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This holiday favorite is native to higher elevations in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

mgm audio 121216 fraser firThe flattened blue-green needles won't pierce when touched. Their undersides have two silvery white bands, creating additional interest. This along with the full upturned branches, pleasant fragrance, perfect form and long needle retention has led to its popularity.

It's northern cousin the balsam fir is found in cooler climates with moist soil conditions. Its dark green needles, pleasant fragrance and long needle retention have made it a popular Christmas tree for decades. It now ranks third in popularity after Frasier and Douglas firs.

A bit more information: The number two selling Christmas tree is the Douglas fir. It's not a true fir, but it has some similar characteristics to a true fir. The needles are soft and blue green with a pleasant fragrance. Select a fresh tree, recut the stem before setting it in the stand and keep it looking good throughout the holidays by keeping the stand filled with water.


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Balsam Fir Christmas Tree

The smell of a freshly cut balsam fir is a fragrant part of many holiday celebrations.


Don't Move Firewood

Cooler air and the crackle of burning wood mean fall for many. But don’t destroy the forest by moving firewood. Instead use wood from local sources.

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Evergreen ID - Look for an Evergreen Day (Dec. 19)

December 19th is National Look for an Evergreen Day. Don't worry if you already have your holiday tree; take advantage of this unique holiday to get outside and look at the evergreens in your neighborhood.

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On your next winter walk, check apples, pears, quince and other members of the rose family for signs of fireblight disease.

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From the Landscape to Holiday Decorations

Add a personal touch to your holidays by creating decorations from evergreens, berries, cones and seedpods harvested from your landscape.


Green and Easy Landscape Care

Being kind to the environment does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can save you time and money.

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Light Up the Landscape with Holiday Lights

So you decided to brighten the winter landscape with a few lights.

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Recycle Christmas Tree in the Garden

Don't drag that Christmas tree to the curb to be hauled away by the trash collectors. Give it a second, even third life, in your landscape.


Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Don’t drag that Christmas tree to the curb. Give it a second life in your landscape.

Cut trees make great windbreaks in the landscape. Strategically place discarded Christmas trees on the windward side of rhododendron, boxwood and other broadleaf evergreens to reduce problems with winter burn.

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Selection and Care of Christmas Trees

The holidays are here and for many that means, it’s time to head out to the Christmas tree lot. Selection is the first step to insuring a beautiful tree throughout the holiday season

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The Ash Tree - November 22 - December 1 Birth Tree

If your birthday falls between November 22nd and December 1st your birth tree is an ash. You are said to be uncommonly attractive, very reliable and trustworthy.