Spring Garden Tips
Quick and Easy Fall/Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Get the family involved and look for fun, quick and easy ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving or fall dinner table.

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thanksgiving centerpieceCreate a quick and edible centerpiece with seasonal apples. Place them in a low decorative container, overturn a small rustic basket and have them spill onto the table or scatter them on colorful fall leaves down the middle of the table.

Use one or two small pumpkins as a flower vase for your favorite fall flowers. Carve out the center and tuck a small vase filled with water and flowers inside.

Or break out your tiered dessert tray. Fill it with acorns, colorful leaves, twigs and fall flowers.

And don’t forget to look for seasonal fruits and vegetables in your region while grocery shopping. Acorn and other winter squash can fill in for pumpkins. Pomegranates, persimmons and kumquats combined with large glossy leaves and a few colorful napkins are sure to grab the attention of your guests.

A bit more information: Take a walk outside and move a few of those small pumpkins and gourds from the front steps or garden onto the dining room table. Or pick up a few on this week’s visit to the farmer’s market or garden center. Place in a basket or arrange in an attractive manner on the table.