Spring Garden Tips
Black Walnut Trees

May 15, 2008.jpg

In this podcast I'll discuss black walnut and juglone toxicity. A great resource is The Ohio State University's factsheet Black Walnut Toxicity to Plants, Humans and Horses.  I answer a gardener's question on using wood or leaves as mulch or compost. The May pest European pine sawfly is the subject of my pest tip. I'll finish with a product designed to make your landscaping chores a little easier, the LG-Bagz-It.

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Affordable Landscape Makeovers (Part 1)

August 15, 2008.jpg

In this podcast I'll share a few ideas with you on affordable ways to improve your landscape. Then I'll answer gardening questions on rust in the lawn, blueberry bushes and Japanese beetles. I'll discuss how to deal with whiteflies. I'll finish by talking about Messenger, a plant health regulator.

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Composting Yard Waste

September 28, 2007.JPG

In this podcast I'll talk about composting yard waste, a natural, friendly and valuable soil amendment for your garden. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on non-blooming hydrangeas and environmentally friendly weed killers. Then I'll discuss a "good guy" in the garden - the ground beetle, which preys on other pests. I'll finish with a simple plan for building your own compost bin.

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Garden Myths

september_15_2009I'll quell some popular garden myths including: evergreen needles making soil too acidic, removing tomato leaves, maple and oak leaves are bad for compost. I'll answer gardener's questions regarding yellow hibiscus leaves, Johnny Jump-ups and surprise lilies.  The focus of my pest tip is squash vine borer.  I finish with information on Bayer Advanced for Japanese beetle control on fruit trees, citrus and some vegetables.

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Gardening 101

May 8 2009 Gardening 101 Are you overwhelmed about starting a new garden? I'll offer five easy steps to make this gardening season a snap! Then I'll answer a gardener's question on moving daffodils. I'll finish with information on European pine sawfly.

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Gardening Questions & Answers

September 5, 2008.jpg

Gardening questions are the theme of this podcast. Did the flooding cause my lilac bush to suffer root rot? What are these tiny little creatures on my sumac and Diablo ninebark? How can I rebuild and replenish my soil? My potentillas are not flowering pink, they're white? Can I have a garden in the winter and is a cold frame usable all winter in Wisconsin? New Product/Plant: Green Tip of the Day.

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Managing Fall Leaves

October 23, 2006.jpg

In this podcast I cover managing and recycling fall leaves. Then I answer gardeners’ questions on mulching roses with leaves and composting leaves from scab infested crabapples. Next Kristin Gies joins me for tips on identifying and managing tar spot. I finish off with a favorite product, the Delux Electric Leaf Shredder, used to manage fall leaves.

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Mid Season Container Care


Are your plants feeling the heat? Stay cool, try these helpful hints and keep your plants looking beautiful. I'll answer gardeners' questions on tomatoes, seeds and river birch with yellow leaves. Chlorosis is the subject of my pest tip. I'll finish by recommending a brushed stainless steel compost keeper for your kitchen scraps.

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New Products for Gardens & Landscapes


Think Spring! I want to share some new products with you for your garden and landscape. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on worm composting. New Product: Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Apelhof ISBN 0-942256-10-7. Pest Tip: damping off fungus

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Planning a New Bed

September 21, 2007 Garden Design.jpg

In this podcast I'll discuss practical and easy-to-use tips for starting a new garden bed. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on fall blooming lilac and an unusual sprout in the compost bin. Pest tip: The charcoal black fungus called sooty mold. New product/plant: The Scrap Eater Living Machine, the recycled wine barrel composter.

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Spring Garden Tips - A Healthy Start for Gardens

April 3, 2008 Garden Design.jpg

I'll provide healthy tips on how to plan a great beginning for your garden, starting with the soil. I'll then answer gardeners' questions on supplemental lighting in a greenhouse and petunias with mold on top of the soil. Pest tip: damping-off, a fungal disease. New product: Coir-a natural soil amendment.

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Starting Early Blooming Plants Indoors

brown spots on indoor plants

Starting early blooming plants indoors from seeds is the focus of this podcast. Then I answer gardeners’ questions on brown spots of ficus plants and keeping poinsettias year round. Next Kristin Gies joins me for discussion of last year’s pest issues and her prediction on issues in the coming year. I finish by recommending a new product called CowPots.

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The Poinsettia Plant

Poinsettia Holiday Plant

I thought I'd talk about the number most popular potted plant for the holidays, the poinsettia. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on moss under an oak tree and worm composting. I'll talk cold damage to your plants and finish by recommending a great holiday plant, Holly Point poinsettia.

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Tomato Troubles

August 9, 2007 Fruits & Veggies.jpg

This week’s discussion is on common tomato problems; black bottom, fruit isn’t forming, cracking from the rain, distorted fruit and other diseases and insects. I answer gardeners' questions on black walnut toxicity and pine with red spider mites. Then I'll discuss the Topsy Turvy planter that grows tomatoes upside down.

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Topiary & Design

June 4, 2009 Gardening 101

I'll talk topiary, which is the art of sculpting or training plants into ornamental shapes. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on compost tea and miracle fruit tree that needs help. I'll finish with a wonderful book, Secrets of Disney's Glorious Gardens by Kevin Markey (ISBN 0-7868-5552-5)

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