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Roses Planting, Selection and Care

Roses Planting, Selection and Care

Bare Root Plants

How do you handle bare root plants when it's too cold to plant outside?

Bare Root Plants

Yesterday I received three bare root roses from a mail order nursery in IL. They haven't broken dormancy that I can see and I left them in their packaging in my garage. Will they be okay? Do I pot them up and bring them indoors? I do have a fridge in the garage, should I put them in there with the soda and the beer?

Cold Hardy Roses

I will be attempting to grow roses for next season. I have done a amount of research on roses, and it can be quite intimidating. How do roses fare in terms of hardiness and pests in Wisconsin?

Cold Hardy Roses

Can you recommend some hardy roses for the Green Bay, WI area? Mine seem to keep dying with the harsh winters.

Edible Ornamentals

I have a yard but want to grow a ornamental plant with edible fruits. Can you recommend any?

Homemade Remedies

Are there any good homemade remedies for controlling bugs and diseases on roses?

Knock Out Rose

How do I prepare my Knock Out rose for a Wisconsin winter? I've been told to cut them back then cover with a rose cone, but I've also been told they are winter hardy and just some mulch will do. I just planted these this summer.

Knock Out Rose

I live in zone 5. So far the weather this winter has been quite erratic. How should I take care of my Knock Out roses for the remainder of this season? Do they need to be pruned in spring?

Knock Out Rose Protection

How should I protect my Knock Out Roses for our cold winter? Should I prune them back, cover them with soil or just leave them alone?

Knock Out Rose Tree

Got a call today from someone who has Knock Out rose "trees," wondering about winter protection. I know the bushes aren't supposed to need protection, but can't find anything about the "trees."

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