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Seed Starting and Propagation Layering


I am selling my house and hate to leave my favorite clematis behind. How can I start a new plant for my home?


I have a beautiful honeysuckle vine that I'd like to share with friends and family. Can I start it from a cutting? If so, how do you suggest I do it?

Norfolk Island Pine

I have a Norfolk pine that has gotten too large for the indoors. Can it be pruned back (height & width) or moved outside?

Norfolk Island Pine

Can I cut the top foot or so off the top of my 14 foot tall Norfolk Island Pine and root it? It is getting too tall for my house.


I have a single stem palm tree six to seven feet tall. All the growth is at the top with 4 feet of empty stem at the bottom. Before the plant hits the ceiling, how can I shorten the stem - air layer?


My neighbor has a beautiful wisteria vine growing on their arbor and offered me a cutting to put on our newly constructed arbor, but I do not know how to take a proper cutting without affecting their vine.

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