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Trees Planting, Selection and Care

Trees Planting, Selection and Care

Amur Maple

About 10 years ago we planted Amur maple shrubs along the back fence in our yard for privacy. Not quite sure what to do with them now, all the foliage, is at the top and they no longer provide any privacy. Also, they have a lot of dead wood. How do we prune them to give us privacy or should we replace them with some kind of evergreen shrub?


Our autumn purple ash developed hickory nut size growths all over the tree. What are they and will it hurt the tree?

Attracting Birds

Most of the trees and plants on my lot were cleared away when the home was built, so there's nothing left to attract birds or other wildlife. Can you suggest some fast-growing plants?

Attracting Birds

Are there any trees or shrubs that produce berries that will attract birds to the landscape in the winter months? Also when is planting time for trees?


I want to plant a Tricolor beech in my landscape. Do you have any suggestions for making this a success?

Beneath Black Walnut

Will butterfly bush, lilac, dogwood, or other flowering trees and shrubs grow under a walnut tree. The tree branches are within 12 feet of the proposed planting bed.


We have a birch tree that could be 15 years old. Last season one portion did not get leaves on it. We are wondering if we should cut the tree down and start over. Can we save the tree?


My White Birch tree's leaves are more yellowish in color than green. Also some of the branches at the ends do not have leaves.


I have a 20' river birch that was transplanted to our yard from a nursery 4 years ago. It has gotten less and less "leafy" every year - all at the top. This year the top 25% of the tree is leafless. We've had a lot of rain this spring. The bottom 75% looks great. What's going on? Feeding? We've done none. The soil is about 12" of topsoil then kind of sandy.

Brighten Up the Shade

I have many large trees in my yard. I would like to add some ornamental trees or shrubs to brighten this shady portion of my northern Midwest landscape. Any suggestions?

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