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Bartlett Pear

I just planted a Bartlett Pear tree in my yard after it was recommended by a garden center. Can you tell me anything about this tree or where I can find more hints on care and welfare of the tree?

Bartlett Pear

Bartlett pears grow best in full sun and well-drained soils. They are considered self-fruitful. This means you only need one tree to get fruit. Planting a second variety of pear will increase production. Prune young pear trees to establish a framework. The tree should ultimately have 5 to 7 main branches spiraling around and up the main trunk. Only prune mature trees to maintain size, remove broken branches and preserve the tree's shape for fruit production. Avoid excess pruning and fertilization that can increase the risk of fireblight disease. Do not fertilize newly planted trees. Use small amounts of low nitrogen fertilizer on young trees. Apply no more than 3 pounds of a low nitrogen fertilizer to established trees. Visit the United States Department of Agriculture website www.csrees.usda.gov to find your local Extension Service. They may have more detailed information on the planting and care of pear trees in your part of the country.

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