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Non-stop Begonia

What is the difference between a tuberous begonia and Non-stop begonias? Can the non-stops also be saved over winter?


Non-stop begonias are a seeded double-flowered type of tuberous begonia (Begonia x tuberhybrida). This means that they are started from seed, grow and flower in just one season. They will develop a tuber that can be lifted in fall and overwintered indoors. Some gardeners prefer to overwinter these and other tuberous begonias as houseplants indoors. Just move the plants to a sunny window or under artificial lights in fall before the first frost. Keep the soil slightly moist and the plants growing throughout the winter. Or lift the tubers out of the soil after a light frost has killed the foliage. Allow the tubers to dry for several days, remove dry foliage and soil, pack in peat moss and store in a cool (45 to 55 degree) location.

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