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Botanical Name

Convolvulus arvensis




Trailing, climbing vine


Summer to fall: funnel shaped, white to pink


Sun to shade




You must be more persistent than bindweed to control this deeply rooted weed by cultivating the garden. Spot treat with a total vegetation killer, protecting your desirable plants. Several applications may be needed.

In the lawn, try spot treating with broadleaf weed killers labeled for controlling this and other difficult weeds. Several applications and a healthy lawn are needed to keep this weed under control.

Always read and follow all label directions before applying any chemical or organic products in the landscape.

Did You Know

Bindweed's taproot can reach 9 feet or more below the soil.  It's invasive rhizomes can reach 18 feet or more in diameter.  Severing these rhizomes only leads to new offspring from the parent plant, making control of bindweed a long, difficult process.

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