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Fuchsia, Lady's Eardrops


Botanical Name

Fuchsia x hybrida


Zones 8 to 10, grown as annual elsewhere


8 to 36 inches


12 to 24 inches


Summer till frost: pinks, reds, purples, white


Full to part shade


Moist, well-drained, container mix

Planting and Care

Space upright plants 12 inches apart, space trailing plants 3 to an 8 inch pot and 4 per 10 inch pot.

Avoid hot sun and windy locations.

Requires moist soil, mulch to maintain soil moisture. Check the soil in containers and hanging baskets once or twice a day during hot weather.

Pinch back to encourage continual bloom.

Fuchsias can be overwintered indoors using a technique called dormant storage. Place plants in a cool, dark location for winter. In late winter take plant out of storage and prune back to old wood. Grow as a houseplant, keep the soil moist and hold fertilizer until new growth appears.


None serious

Varieties to Consider

Island Sweet - purple flowers

Alice Hoffman - pink flower

Red Spider - red flowers

Voodoo - purple and red flowers

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