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Ivy with Mites

I love ivies (Hedera), but regardless what I do, they get mites. Is there something out there that I do not know about to avoid these pests?

Ivy with Mites

The low light and dry air in our homes create the perfect environment for mites and poor growing conditions for our plants. Increase humidity by grouping plants together or using humidity trays. Fill plant saucers with pebbles and water. Set pots on the pebbles above the water. As the water evaporates it increases the humidity right around the plant where it is needed. A weekly misting won't help increase the humidity but it will help wash away dust and mites. Check your plants weekly. Small populations of pests are much easier to keep under control than large populations that can quickly build indoors. Treat mites with a shower of water and Neem as soon as they are found. Repeat weekly for three weeks. Test a leaf or two first, if you decide to use insecticidal soap instead of Neem. The soap can sometimes damage leaves on ornamental ivies. These products also kill the immature (not visible to us) mealybugs that can also be a problem on ivies. Treat the adults (look like a piece of cotton) with a cotton swap dipped in alcohol.

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