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I purchased a lilac bush two years ago. The first spring it had a few blossoms and this year it didn't have any. The plant is growing in 50% sun and has grown 2 feet in the past 2 years. How can I get it to flower?


Age, proper pruning and fertilization as well as sufficient sunlight is needed for lilacs to bloom. Young flowering plants often spend their first few years putting down roots instead of flowering. Patience is the key here. Pruning lilacs at the wrong time of year will eliminate spring flowers. Lilacs bloom on the previous season's growth. So prune plants in spring right after they flower (or should have flowered) if you want to control plant size and still have flowers the following spring. Avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization that encourages stem and leaf growth and discourages flowering. If pruning and fertilization aren't the problem you may need to move the plant to a sunnier location. I would give the plant at least one more spring to adjust to its new location. Transplant your lilac in spring before growth begins if it needs a sunnier location.

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