Spring Garden Tips

Poison Ivy


Botanical Name

Taxicodendron radicans




Creeping or climbing vine, shrub


May to July: greenish, hidden by leaves


White berries

Fall Color

Yellow, orange, bright red


Sun to shade




Pull young plants in the garden while wearing gloves, pants and long sleeves. Do not burn pulled plants; this can cause an internal allergic reaction. Spot treat older plants with a total vegetation killer. Dead plants can also cause allergic reactions.

In the lawn, healthy turf and mowing keep this weed under control. If problems occur in remote areas or turf edges, use a chemical labeled for controlling poison ivy that will not harm the grass.

Never destroy poison ivy by fire.  Urushiol (the toxin in poison ivy) remains in the smoke and can lead to serious reactions in the eyes, lungs, or skin.

Always read and follow all label directions before applying any chemical or organic products in the landscape.

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